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Who We Are

Mathematics tend to be lonely profession.  A picture of a bare kitchen table with only  pad of paper and a pencil, maybe a chalk board, is not too far off the mark.  A cup of coffee and a nagging idea that never goes away but comes to the fore or drifts into the background throughout the day until that eureka moment of understanding.  Sometimes it never comes.

We are a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and really good coders and we work as a small facile group you might describe as dream teamers or a two-pizza team.  We are the people of the kitchen table who can talk to each other and work through the fog of discovery sometimes alone and often together.  Our work speaks for itself. We hope you find it interesting.

Underlying much of our work are new concepts in mathematics, IZp a  class of algebra with special associative properties … IZp stands for a kind of algebra where exactly invertible non-trivial matrices can be created,  which given their unique properties can be applied to newly developed algorithms designed to address problems of encryption, authentication, compression, and organization of information.

Our innovative team of scientists and coders have used these principles for better or unique solutions … faster, more secure, just better.

That is not all as IZp algorithms provide new ways to address other traditional but difficult problems and allow a unique solution and products in many areas.  Let us name a few of them; complex modeling of weather patterns, turbulent flow, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, financial modeling and prediction, statistics, economics, AI and machine learning, computer graphics chips, 5G chip design, fMRI methodologies, and that’s just a start. An IZp algorithm module may even be the basis for fully harnessing quantum computers power and that will mean genomic breakthroughs, new materials, and untold insight.

Core value 001
Truth is Truth, Math is Math.
Core value 002
Partners, Collaborators, Employees all require respect and deserve fair treatment.
Core value 003
The economy is at risk from digital highway bandits.  We endeavor to help secure the digital economy from such banditry.
Core value 004
All of us, employees, collaborators, and partners, are passengers on this good earth.  We owe our fair share in support of this good; and we will do our part.